A Complete Guide about the Healthcare Facilities in Dubai

Dubai is highly regarded for its state of the art healthcare facilities. However, medical costs can be very expensive in Dubai and that is why it is suggested to people to obtain a proper international health insurance prior to planning to move to Dubai.

Here we will discuss the complete guide about the healthcare facilities available in Dubai.

Private Healthcare

The private hospitals in Dubai are as advanced as the public hospitals. The government of the UAE is keen to improving the standard of private healthcare in order to provide the best healthcare facilities to the citizens.

Private Consultation Fees

The fees at the private hospitals can be very expensive for those people who do not have a proper international health insurance. Even an initial visit to a private doctor can cost more than $50. This fee does not include the costs of medical tests and examinations.

Public Healthcare

In Dubai, the public healthcare facilities are of high standards because of the government’s continuous investments. Dubai Health Authority was created in 2007 for the purpose to supervise the state’s public and private healthcare facilities.

For Expats without International Health Insurance

For people who do not have a medical insurance to apply for a health card from the UAE’s Ministry of Health. This card enables the expats to receive healthcare at the public facilities. For foreign nationals, it is not always possible to receive care at public facilities because the public healthcare facilities can refuse treatment. They prefer locals and the residents of UAE over expats and foreign nationals. However, in the case of emergency, healthcare facilities are provided to all regardless of whether the patient is a foreign national or a UAE citizen.

Health Insurance in Dubai

For people planning to move to Dubai, it is vital to obtain proper health insurance so that all the health costs of you and your family are covered. Costs at private healthcare facilities can increase to a great extent in the case of an emergency. By obtaining a health insurance, you can also save yourself from the hassle of going to a public healthcare facility and getting refused for treatment.

This is the complete guide to the healthcare facilities available in Dubai. If you are planning to move to Dubai permanently or just going for vacations, you should have an international health insurance.